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Hi! It's Christine (helena Jane on Craftster)!
I'm just checking out your blog! I likey!
Seing your headhugger ear warmer is making me want to knit some up! They came out so cute!


Hope you had fun your first day!

Ada is a cutie-pie :D


That headhugger is absolutely adorable. I think Ada needs one too. How cute would that be?


Oh she's adorable. I love the headhugger, too. I may just have to knit one up (the headhugger not the pug LOL).


Help?!?! I've been searching all over for help for the earwarmers. I had to laugh when I saw your photo with the small white flowers...they look just like the three flowers that I made. I whipped up the flowers with no problem, but the instructions for the earwarmers are throwing me for a loop, being the beginner knit-iot that I am. When increasing after the I-cord, it says to Sl1. Is that knitwise or purlwise? Then there is the M1f and M1b. All I can come up with for instructions are just M1. Any help with this pattern will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for listening. LOVE you work and your dog!


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