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Oooh, pretty green! Makes me think of leaves...


wow that is beautiful yarn! YUMMY


That yarn is a wonderful colour, I think your socks really will rock! Now that the sockapaloooza participant list is up, I'm visiting other Jills - there are a couple of us! Good luck with your socks and all the other things you have on the go too :)


Well, I'm not in Sockpaloooza, so I positively know it's not for me (darn), but that is one LOVELY colorway!


Hey Jill, with the colors being green, how about that falling leaves sock pattern (or whatever it is called) in the last issue of Interweave Knits?? Just a thought!

Donna (squitchinglady)

oooohhhh the yarn is so beautiful. Could you please let me know where your ordered it from. I want to get some for me. Thanks!!!!! Foozle was born last night and is growing quickly. I can not wait til she comes to live with you.


Love, love, LOVE! the socks that rock!

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