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Good for you--pop by and post if you need any support, okay? I would have cheated before I finished typing the rules if I worked in a yarn shop :) I will definitely give you the title of "Rogue Stashalonger". It stinks you were gone during sign ups though :(


Do we have some commitment issues? I can't blame you. I don't know how you can possibly make any money (as in, bring home any money) working in a yarn shop. You can do it!


I thought about applying to work in a yarn shop a few years ago, but then I realized that basically I'd be working for free since I'd be spending all of my paycheck there. You obviously have more restraint than I do!

Stashalong sounds great, too bad I'm going to have to buy yarn for the next few things on my list.


Jill, post a picture of your stash! I want to see how big it is!


Evil, evil Laura! No way!

Michele Brisker

Hey Jill,
Happy New Year! I too wish I had known about the Stashalong and signed up. I will join you in your month only trial run though. This is so timely and already my sabotaging hormones are at work. I've called 3 shops today and been online but no buys. This is hard. Really. But, actually I do need a hiatus from yarn shopping, at least in the local area. 2005 seemed to be a year of rude, insensitive, ungrateful yarn shop owners/workers even while I was racking up big purchases and doing my part to make the LYS concept work. I have truly taken stock over my Christmas vacation and must admit to being a fool of sorts. My friend Marcia moved to Philly and I traveled there over the Thanksgiving holiday and had a delightful time. Everyone very warm and friendly in those three shops even after multiple visits. Hmmm. What is it here?
Anyway, Marcia convinced me to not reward bad behavior. If I have to travel to Mercer, Cavode, Canonsburg, Cleveland or further so be it. Its a new year after all. Now if these hormones would just cooperate.


No stashalong for me - I justify that by saying that I haven't been knitting long enough to acquire enough stash.
But you can join our "It's NOT a gift KAL" (otherwise known as knitting for ourselves!) over at my blog. Come on by! No deadlines for us.


Clapotis may be so "last year", but if you make one, you'll love it. I wear mine as a scarf all the time with my winter dress coat. And it is one of the most fun things I've ever knit. I just love dropping those stitches. I'm almost finished with my third one (for me) and my sister wears hers all the time too. I know I said no more, but I almost feel like I should have one going all the time...like socks!!

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