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Donna (squitchinglady)

Wow that mitten looks so nice. I should really be making more mittens as my hands get so cold. Maybe I will have to get a lesson from you in stranded knitting so my mittens will be warm. I finished my mittens made with the opal, and they match and are very pretty, but I would like a pair that is warmer. Oh yeah. Any suggestions for making the mittens more comfy to wear? Remember me? The knitter who finds wool itchy? LOL!


Wow Jill. Those look great. I'm so glad you brought up the book Magnificent Mittens. Half Price Books by my house has several books and I've been wondering if I should get it. So you say that it's a good buy huh? Alright, I'll cave in and get them.

Now, I just don't know when I could use mittens in Houston.


I need to make some mittens or fingerless gloves or something, my hands get so cold when I walk our dog.

I love those Brittany Birch needles. I think they're my favorites.


Jill...it looks soooo warm and you haven't even finished the other pair. Enjoy and keep warm!!


Great mittens! I like the snow backdrop too.


Great mittens, and I love that photo with the snowflakes all over them. I have Magnificent Mittens, and one of these days I'll actually knit one of them!


You got me convinced. I'm getting this book. Lovely mittens. Happy Holidays Jill!


I must make some of those mittens, they're so fabulous. Especially the one with an index finger :-)

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