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OMG!!! I thought it was just me! Yes, I did the exact same thing only I didn't realize it until the darn thing was completely finished! I sewed it up that way. I was devastated about it until I realized that in spite of the fact that it was obviously wrong, it still looked okay and no one but an experienced knitter would realize it. It actually ended up looking like it was supposed to look that way. My LYS proprietor kept asking me to bring it in to show her and I kept making excuses because I didn't want her to see it!! She would have picked up on it right away. I was a little upset about that little omission in the pattern. I'm not experienced enough to be able to figure that stuff out on my own yet. They really shouldn't just assume that people will know that stuff!


One more thing.... If you really look at the photo of my sweater that you have a link for in your post... you can see it.


I know what you mean about Trellis. I was lucky to have caught that as I was going to start purling a row and thought "wait a minute, this will just give me garter stitch!" Sheesh.

Another thing that irritated me is the instructions for the sleeves. (It looks to me like you're knitting the 12 month size so you should be fine.) But if you're knitting the smallest or largest sizes, the instructions ask you to purl 5 or 7 stitches and then knit row 1 of Chart A after the seed stitch border. Well, if you did your seed stitch like you always have been (starting with a knit stitch) then the seed stitch on the chart will not match up correctly with the border! ARGH! I though I had screwed up when a knit stitch landed on top of a knit stitch and a purl on top of a purl but I realize it was the pattern. So I had to rip out to the beginning (yeah, it was only 8 rows but STILL!) and start my seed stitch rows with a purl stitch so that everything lined up the way it was supposed to. How hard would it have been to say "If you are knitting the 6 month or 18 month sizes, please start your seed stitch border rows with a purl stitch."

Anyway, it really is a beautiful pattern. I hope to be finished with mine very soon! Looking forward to seeing yours!


I looked at the pattern and you're right, it wasn't explicitly mentioned to work in reverse stockinette. Rip it out gurl.... you knit too fast anyways.... I am envious. When I try to knit fast, I end up with tendonitis.


The mitten looks fab. You are an impressively speedy knitter. The baby sweater is gorgeous - but how frustrating!

Celtic Knitter

The mitten matches the scarf and the hat so well!! Congrats!
As for the wrong stitches . . . well, it looks good to me. What wrong stitches?? If anyone notices (and no one will) then you tell them that you deliberately changed the pattern because you liked it better that way :)


Let me know if you need another ball of that orange. I bought one of them to contrast with the gold that I snatched from the 50% bin on Saturday. I'm still thinking of what to make with the rest of it.


You have done a wonderful job of pairing up your mitten to your hat and scarf! Wishing you the best with your other projects.


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