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Hi Jill!

Your staining job looks pretty good from the photos, at least. Your roses look beautiful. I wanted to plant some last month but I don't think I have the time to take care of them this year. We were in the same situation with the plants, though. It was such fun to see what came up in the spring. Our latest discovery are some gorgeous irises. How was your trip to see the Harlot in Greensburg?


The middle picture is Honeysuckle WHen I was younger, I used to pull the middle (biggest) stem from the middle of the flower (are they called pistols?). If you pull it really slowly there will be a drop of liquid on the end of it...eat it. It is so good.

What am I saying.....I would STILL do that if we had honeysuckles here :-)


Wow! Where you show the old and new bobbins on the flyer the new bobbin almost looks like it matches better then the old!

Mmm... honeysuckle. If I were you I'd go try what Jenn says... If I were home I'd go try what Jenn says. Maybe they'll still be in bloom well next week.

How WAS the harlot signing?


Eat the honeysuckle, then prune it viciously. Mine is trying to eat my driveway, and I'm afraid to leave my car out there for fear of finding a honeysuckle bush in the shape of a Ford Escort in the morning. Lovely plant, smells great, wonderful to eat, but you have to prune it violently.


I think the one under the honey suckle might be a dog rose, it's like a wild rose, really pretty and they go a bit mad!


Oh you have honeysuckle! One of my favorites. We have it in several places and I let it spread and climb. I love the spicy fragrance! Heaven on earth! I wish I was as good with roses as you are though!

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