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Yay for knitting at the ball game! I know what you mean about rude people who don't wait! argh.

I ended up going to Waynesburg on Sunday too! I looked for you, but we were seriously there for maybe half an hour. I spent more on wine than on yarn! hee hee


WOW my DH loves the pirates!
We'll be moving back to PA in Nov so i'm trying to find all the yarn shops etc all around us... lol i need to support my habit after all! lol


I hate when people get up and down in the middle of innings! I always find it is usually girls who have been dragged along by their boyfriends and have no interest in being there anyways. I do occasionally feel bad if they actually hear me groaning. (Not often though!)


where did they move the shop to???


I am envious with everything fun that you do. From going to a baseball game to the Fiber festival. Looks like spinning is in your future. What fun for you!!!


I love pirate games and I have always wanted to take my knitting along. My husband would die if I ever starting knitting at a ballgame. You are so LUCKY.


I love the knitting at the baseball game photos!

Congratulations on getting the shop in order. What a big task!

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