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Oh I am so jealous about that Lana d'Oro.


You have to love yarn aquisition at such great deals.


Those are excellent deals! If I'd spent fewer dollars this weekend, my husband wouldn't be so upset right now. ;(


Wow! What additions to your stash!!
BTW-You should watch your mail!


Oh my good god. Silk Garden for $1 per skein?!?


Stash SCORE! Wow, that is such an amazing deal! Now... whatcha gonna make, eh? Got anything particular in mind?

Also, really? Someone totally recognized you from your blog? You ARE famous! That is so cool! And also that's kind of strange, or was it? I mean, did you know who the other person was? In an internet way? But still, wow, it's like... you're on TV or something! FAMOUS!!!

Also, Jillz, notice how I am responding to your comment on my comments in YOUR comment section, because of the apparent Blog Laws of which I was unaware. LOL. And LOVE your stash pics!


The auction was big fun wasn't it? Man you got some great stuff....


Love the stash pictures! Hey, it was great to see you Tuesday night. I hope you can make it again this week!


Quite a score missy! Hope you are well.

General Ginger

Fantastic! Now what are your plans for this lovely stuff?

K. Anne

OMG! When I am I moving to Pittsburgh just so I can get in this guild?!? Dang it.

Hey they are advertising on TV tickets from Philly to Pittsburgh for $29 one way. Hmmm... Round trip with taxes... Do you think that hubby would let me spend $100 on a plane ticket jsut so I can score some $1.00 Noro? Hahaha.


what deals! that's awesome!


OMG - what an AMAZING score!!! You must be thrilled! Cant wait to see what you turn it all into!

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